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About Us
Tip Top is a leading Human Resources company that specializes in Recruitment Services, HR Outsourcing and Salary Administration, Human Resources Consultations and Management Development and Public and Tailored Training.

We believe in Human Capital Investment, thus we provide integrated Human Resources services to our clients to ensure effective and appropriate efficiency from the very start of the operations, until targeted performance is achieved and business development is steady.

Our specialization in providing consultation services to starting companies in addition to small and middle ones assist us to understand the individual needs of our clients in a unique way compared to the services provided by competition.

The company is managed by a group of specialized experts with broad knowledge in their field.

The availability of experts, strong infrastructure and great investment will enable Tip Top to find developed solutions that suit the various requirements of our clients regarding human resources consultations and development.

Tip top is your human resources partner that answers your toughest questions in recruitment, training and development and provides consultations to the existing manpower in addition to supporting your future requests.

Regardless the type of your company activity, we will provide you with the best services and solutions. We will also help you achieve your goals and keep you on the track of competition

Our Vision
To become the most acclaimed leader in Human Resources consultations, training and development and management solutions in Egypt and the Middle East with the cheapest price and fastest service

Our Mission
  • To provide our clients with a range of tailored Recruitment, HR and Training services with high quality and efficient solutions.
  • To serve as a reliable catalyst of inspiration for our clients, and upgrade their work environment through continuous development.
  • To go beyond client expectations to achieve their interests

Our Values
Abiding by our values is one of the ways to success, as these values reflect our company’s image and our position. We evaluate our employees and consider them our partners in achieving success. We always look forward to improve the quality and performance of our services and we professionally work to guarantee our clients and partners’ satisfaction

Tip Top activities encompass the following values:
Integrity: ethics are the source of our credibility with clients.

Professionalism: we work professionally up to the highest standards.

Confidentiality: It is the guarantee of our quality work.

Team Work: we value the spirit of working as one team.

Respect: we always respect our clients and everyone who works with us.

Learning and Training: It is the basis of our continuous development.

Life Balance: we achieve and maintain a better work-life balance.

Safety: we ensure a safe and healthy workplace where employees have a stake in the success of the program.

Creativity: we work to turn imagination into reality with dedication to exceed our client’s expectations

Our Objective
At Tip Top we aim to:

• Develop the concept of personnel into a broad spectrum of a well developed human resources management system.
• Rehabilitate companies' owners to use typical methods for managing their human resources activities.
• Provide appropriate training for employees working in the field of human resources management.
• Provide diverse training programs in all disciplines of business administration and human development.
• Provide specialized training programs in the field of human resources management.

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