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HR Outsourcing
    • HR Outsourcing service is an alternative solution to reduce the work cost and reduce the risks companies usually encounter with their employees.
    • HR Outsourcing includes personnel management, social and medical insurance management, payroll, governmental relations with authorities such as labor office, taxation authorities, medical insurance committees and labor disputes cases.
    • In addition, Tip Top provides Managerial, HR and Legal consultation services.
    • We have a team of experts in personnel management and payroll management with more than 15 years of experience; a team that leads and provides special services that suits our clients’ diverse demands.
Personnel Consultations
• Personnel Management is considered a core function of human resources for its importance; it mainly deals with personnel data. The following are examples of the personnel consultation services we provide to our clients:
• Review employees’ personnel files and ensure compliance with labor law requirements, and avoid any violations with labor office.
• Review employment contracts and terms of employment and renewal, confirm contract legal terms, and avoid any legal problems with third parties.
• Review company social insurance files to ensure and verify monthly social insurance subscriptions, fines, and provide social insurance forms on time.
• Provide Social Insurance Solutions to employees and implement their requests to recover stalled insurance periods.
• Open social insurance record for new companies.
• Issue Cars and Employees insurance certificates.
• Provide consultancies on pension claims, procedures and complete insurance files.
• Provide consultancies on insurance debts settlements and procedures on installment payment.
• Provide consultancies on work injuries and raise serious cases to the medical committee.
• Conduct medical exemption cost reduction from total social insurance subscription according to Ministry’s decision No. 23 of the year 1987.
• Verify handicapped hiring policy is implemented as appropriate and complies with the labor law with 5% of headcount hires from handicapped.

Human Resources consultancies
Resorting to Human Resources consultancies has become a necessity for organizations seeking to possess competent solutions to manage and retain their human capital in terms of:
• Manpower Planning.
• Organization Hierarchy Preparation
• Job Analysis and Job Evaluation
• Preparation of Employment Agreement
• Preparation of HR Policies and Procedures.

Finding the right person for the right role is crucial to your organization's performance.
At Tip Top we understand your need for flexibility in an environment of constantly changing needs and workloads.
Our highly skilled recruitment team can source and manage the right candidate for your business. We Identify how many candidates you want to interview, and the essential and desirable criteria you are looking for in the perfect candidate, we filter the applications by matching them to the essential criteria, we contact any unsuccessful candidates to eliminate them from the process and we interview and test candidates and effectively shortlist successful talents.

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